Furey Family Study

An ongoing research project into the genealogy of the Furey family.

Swinford, Mayo, Ireland

Headstone of Elizabeth McNulty Furey (Born circa 1838, died 12 Jun 1913) in Swinford. She is buried in Kilconduff Cemetery, near Swinford, Mayo, Ireland. Elizabeth married Robert Furey on 7 Sep 1863, and the couple had 8 children, including Robert Patrick Furey, opposite. Two of her sons are buried in the same grave.


Welcome to the Furey Family Study Website (under construction), which will house the One Name Study (*) of our family. Variants of this surname include the spellings: Fury, Furay, Furrey, Furry, Furie, Furi, Feurey, Feury, Fuery. However your family spells the name, you are welcome here.

To date, the Furey study includes data on approximately 34,000 individuals, and that list is growing daily. If you would like to know if we have information on your ancestors, email us and you can have whatever we know. (We do not charge for helping, but you may have to wait a bit during busy periods!)

If you would like to join the work of the study, contribute your own family genealogies and photos and stories to be preserved for posterity, or otherwise help out our efforts, please contact us. If you would like to know if we have any information on your ancestors, please send us an email. (We don't charge for helping!) As we add photos and stories, we'd like to rotate our front page, to show photos of the family in different eras and different countries, so if you have media you'd like to share or have us store in the Study, let us know. PLEASE DO NOT provide private information such as the birthdates of living family members - only deceased members of the family will be shown on the website due to privacy concerns.

Also planned is a Furey Family Association, because why should the bygone ancestors get all the fun and attention? If you are interested in joining, please follow the links to contact us and express your interest. We'd like to get this going in 2019, so we hope to hear from you soon!

(*) To learn about One Name Studies, google the "Guild of One Name Studies" - the current author is a member with the registered surname spellings: Furey, Furay, Furrey, Fury, Furie.

Robert Patrick and Bridget Agnes Furey

Robert Patrick Furey (16 Jul 1877 - 21 Jun 1953) and his wife, Bridget Agnes Furey (nee Fahey; 3 Nov 1892 - 14 Dec 1982), emigrated to New York City from County Mayo, Ireland. Robert Patrick originally came to the United States from Swinford, Mayo in 1904 with $20., intending to join his brother William in San Francisco. Agnes (she hated the name Bridget!) had been born in Derryronane, a beautiful townland about 2 miles outside Swinford. She arrived in New York on 2 May 1910. The couple married in Brooklyn on 20 Aug 1927, and had two children, one of whom lived to adulthood.

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